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Explainer Videos are one of the best things to happen to the internet, ever.

I say internet, because most companies looking for an explainer video want one for their website. But Explainer Videos can do so much more. At Rival Animation we create all kinds of Explainers in a huge variety of styles. Wondering why you need an Explainer and what you can do with it? Check out the examples below to find out more…

Script Writing

Storyboards & Design


Audio production

Explainers for Web

Website Videos

Let’s face it, no-one wants to read your written content. Today, your mobile audience wants a snapshot of your brand, your product, your message, all wrapped up in a nice easy video that’s actually enjoyable to watch. And when it’s good, they’ll share it with someone else that might find it useful, because as the that’s what people do: they share videos (not pages of text). Here’s one of our favourites, a fabulous blend of stock video and animation created for Solar Communications.

Explainers for Social

Social Media Videos

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, they’re hungry beasts. You need some featured content to keep your traffic engaged and informed. Fortunately, that Explainer Video is perfect for the job. A series of bite size explainers? Even better. Since you’re using animation, it’s cost effective to create new edits from the main video you’re using on your home page.

Explainers for Events

Marketing Event & Expo Videos

Another thing Explainers will do that your marketing copy won’t – they stop traffic. Using your Explainer at Marketing Events and Expos is the ideal way of engaging passers by with your content. They can’t help it, they’re drawn in by the slick graphics, the entertaining characters, the key messages on screen. Your explainer informs and warms your audience, keeping them entertained while they wait for you to finish with the customer you’re talking to. Your explainer can come in all shapes and sizes, from extra wide, to extra tall, perfect for dressing your stand. Heck, you just spent about 10K on your stand, on your staff, the hotel and travel, might as well go all in with a kickass Explainer.

Explainers for Sales & Prospecting

Sales & Prospecting Videos

How do you make sure your sales team is really bringing your brand voice and your values into the room? Arm them with an Explainer that delivers a flawless 60 to 90 second pitch every time. Or try another proven tactic, send your Explainer to a prospect as the advance party, to show them what you can do, in one hard-to-ignore, engaging video.

Explainers for Internal Communications

Internal Communication Videos

Good staff communication is essential for business success. When you need to communicate new or updated Legislation, HR Policies, Operational Procedures, Health and Safety Practices in a consistent, company wide statement, an Explainer video can be the perfect solution. They also work brilliantly for reporting your successes. Due to the nature of these videos, we can’t share our examples publicly, but here’s something with a similar feel. The clean and efficient style and warm audio is the perfect balance for internal comms.

Explainer Video FAQs

There are freelancers that will create a low-cost Explainer, and big production houses that will charge the Earth. If your freelancer gets sick, you miss your delivery date, and if you opt for a big studio, you’ll pay for layers of management and account handling.

With Rival, it’s very much a case of you’ll get what you pay for. We’re small enough to be competitive, and big enough to rely on. We’re flexible with a diverse range of styles, so once we’ve identified the themes and key messages of your Explainer, we’ll propose best-fit options for your budget.

Creating an Explainer follows a simple step by step process that keeps you involved and informed at every stage.

  1. We collectively agree on a visual style and a fixed cost we will be working to, summarised in a Proposal.
  2. Through consultation and with reference to your marketing content, we create a script. Or you can provide one.
  3. We create an illustrated Storyboard to show the camera moves and the action that will accompany the script, backed up by a few full-colour Style Frames to show exactly how your finished film will look.
  4. We record the Voice Over script, if there is one. Some Explainers rely solely on text within the animation.
  5. Next, our team of talented animators creates your video. You’ll see a rough version before the final one is polished and ready.
  6. Finally, we add the sound effects and music, and your animated Explainer is ready to show to the world!

The production time of your Explainer varies depending on the length and complexity of what we’re creating, but as a general guide we expect most to take 4 to 5 weeks to create.

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Huge creativity and enthusiasm, a flawless process and stunning results every time.
Rob Griffiths, Head of Marketing & Communications, Paultons Park

Flexible, proactive, passionate and a pleasure to work with.

Will Upfield, Brand Manager, Own Brands, Shepherd Neame

Great experience, leading to excellent results every time.

Mark Drury, Principal Associate and Director at SPUD Group

Rival are a pleasure to deal with, always full of lots of great ideas and a clear programme of works. Really pleased with the projects.

Carolyn Hector, Global Head of Currency Solutions Marketing

The Rival Animation team are fantastic they have created a stunning video in record time. Not only is the quality of work excellent but they were proactive and easy to work with.

Beth Moylan, GM Marketing, Japan, Australia and New Zealand