Kewtech – Promo Film

We worked with UK equipment manufacturing company Kewtech to create an animated explainer video to promote their brand and services.

Kewtech innovate and manufacture electrical testing equipment specifically for the UK market, allowing UK contractors to undertake their testing obligations quickly and efficiently.

The explainer film was designed to build identity and promote the brand and products to installers, electricians and wholesalers with a unique, visually striking look and feel that would stand out in-stores and in print.

  • Style Development
  • Storyboarding

  • Animation

  • Voice Over

  • Audio Production

Working with a draft script provided by Kewtech, we developed a storyboard and style that used bold colour transitions mixed with photography and clever morphing between illustrated products, with an additional layer of product call-outs to highlight key benefits. The style treatment nods to Apple, Nokia and Logitech products, in keeping with Kewtech’s position as a quality tech brand, and has a distinctive look compared to the typical ads in a hardware store.

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